Search Engine Optimisation – Best-practices

There is no magical secret shortcut to get you to the top of Google’s search ranking (maybe the right SEO company!) . Everyone will just have to buckle down and implement a comprehensive SEO strategy. Except for you guys, because we’re going to share ten best SEO practices that will dramatically boost your online visibility! Are you ready?

• It’s the content, stupid!

Forget about everything else, and just focus on creating great content. So many websites these days compete using mediocre content. Imagine how well you’d do if you have a spectacular content in your corner? Once you’ve created a large number of awesome content, then worry about the intricacies of SEO.

• Keywords and key phrases

Search engines’ robots and crawlers are not humans. Nor are they capable of creativity or critical thinking. However, they have been trained to observe keyword relevancy and keyword density. If your keyword is too broad, the competition for ranking will be overly tough. If your key phrases are irrelevant and are in conflict with the title and meta tags, the robots will ignore it and look for more deserving content.

Focus on less popular keywords to gain rank faster. Image courtesy of Pixabay

• Create a good sitemap

Did you know that robots will come more frequently to websites which give them easy access and easy navigation? A good sitemap tends to create a welcoming atmosphere for them. If they come regularly, your content will be indexed faster. And on one fateful day, the trending item you’re writing about will be ranked first since it’s the earliest – imagine the traffic then!

• Write product reviews

No, don’t go for popular products. Instead, focus on the lesser known ones, since the business will be more appreciative of a review. Obviously, you need to use the product first to ensure a fair and accurate review. Once you’re done, send the company a link of your review and wait. If they like it, they will quickly post the review on their site as a testimonial – and you’ll receive a wonderful backlink. Repeat the process as many times as you desire and reap the inevitable rewards.

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